Summer 2014 Issue Preview

Coffee, Tea, And All That Jazz

When it’s hot outside, nothing quite satisfies like something cold and sweet. Like sweet tea. Until I lived in the South I never really even tasted sweet tea, preferring my iced tea plain and unsweetened. But enduring the hot and humid weather of a typical North Carolina aftertoon turned this girl into a sweet tea convert.

In homage to my Carolina-living days, I experimented in the kitchen and created a ‘sweet tea’ ice, with a twist – I infused the liquid with my own garden-grown peppermint to give it a little kick. Quite addicting.

While Peppermint Sweet Tea Ice is my own little treat, my daughters prefer something a little different. One loves her decaf cappuccinos as much as I love my caffeinated versions which inspired me to create a Coffee Granita. A little dollop of freshly whipped cream crowns it nicely. And for the other, a frozen sweet treat comes by way of a Caramel Granita. This version is made by dry cooking sugar until it reaches a dark amber color before adding water and vanilla. By cooking the sugar this way, it gives just a hint of bitterness that will satisfy those who obsess neither for coffee or tea (my hand is raised!) but who still want a refreshing little treat.

Look for these recipes and more.